Are You a Lucky Penny Writer, Too?

The 5-piece writing system that's saving me

Three weeks ago, I took my son to the local amusement park.

You may have read about it (the park, of course, not our trip).

While we were there, wandering between rides and enjoying the cloudless day, John saw a lucky penny on the pavement. A shiny, blinding penny reflecting the day back up at us.

He looked down at his hands, one of them clutching popcorn and the other a cherry Icee, and asked if I’d pick up the penny for him.

Sure! I said, bending down.

I immediately wished I hadn’t. That penny was SO HOT.

The burn didn’t last since it was such a little thing, but I couldn’t get that sucker in my pocket fast enough.

Note to self: lucky pennies can burn you.

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Are you a lucky penny writer?

One idea at a time, always worried about finding the next one?

I was for 10+ years, and I can tell you: it does not work.

Having one idea in the bank at a time—and having to face a zero balance every time you sit down to write—is too much to ask of yourself. It’ll burn you out.

Ditch the lucky pennies.

Build yourself a system—with ideas that come to you.

Here’s are the 5 things your system needs (and a link to read more):

  • Smart notes

  • Organization

  • Personal curation

  • Idea home delivery

  • A creation strategy

Writing online, said poetically.

What you discover—discovers you, in the end.

We write to discover ourselves.

Remember this, as you build a system.

Iterate toward clarity. Every day may not feel like it, but you’ll get there.

Think I’m currently somewhere around the “D” in “Design.”

Where are you?


  • Nicoles Cole on a writing system

    Ev Chapman talks systems, too (and has a course coming out soon)

  • If you’re intrigued by Justin Welsh’s “Hub and Spoke” system you can pick it up here: Content Operating System. Note: this is an affiliate link. I’ve taken 7+ writing courses this year and Justin’s has BY FAR been the best value (and it’s less than you think)

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